About Us

Our mission

To provide you with the very best hairstyling tools, sourced from the finest manufacturers in Japan and Korea, and the best customer support.

Our philosophy

We accept no compromises. Our scissors are forged from the highest quality steel. Each pair of scissors is then hand finished to perfection by our own Master Bladesmith. We won't sell scissors unless we're 100% satisfied that they cut hair perfectly.

Our company

Scissor Empire was born out of frustration.

I started hairdressing in 1985 and found that I was buying a new pair of scissors twice a year. There seemed to be no clear understanding of what makes a good pair of scissors. Why some cut well? Why others end up making the job more difficult? The people selling scissors didn't actually use them, so I often chose badly. And they were costly mistakes!

So, I decided to learn about the tools of my trade. It has taken me sixteen years to perfect my skills and work out what qualities a good pair of scissors should have. Scissor Empire is the end result of my journey. The scissors we carry are the best I have come across. We have a wide range of quality scissors to suit all budgets.

At Scissor Empire we know scissors because we use them ourselves. We want to hear what you have to say about your scissors and how you prefer them to cut. We can help you improve the performance of your existing scissors, or can advise you on the best choice for your particular working style.

We are passionate about scissors.


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